Our qualified coaches are all certified in CPR

First Aid, CDC Heads Up Concussion Training,

and Safe Sport.

Halle and Neil McComb | Owners

Halle McComb grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania as a young competitive gymnast.  In her time of competing in this sport, levels were not levels, they were called classes-1-4 with Class 1 being the highest level.  Halle joined a competitive team at the age of 6 yrs old and competed for 11 years. She worked her way up through the classes and ended up as the first place state champion in Class 2 as well as Regional Champion on bars and All Around (out of 8 states). She trained to level 1 and preparation for collegiate gymnastics but retired at age 17.


Her coaches Helen and Gus Haun were wonderful, supportive, family oriented coaches that dedicated their lives to the sport.  Halle started coaching at age 14 and continued throughout her life ending up with this amazing award-winning program in Charleston, South Carolina.  Halle holds a degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in art and psychology. Neil and Halle started their first gymnastics business as a mobile program in Asheville, NC in the late 1990’s which grew large and turned into a permanent gym in Black Mountain, NC.  


Having come from Charleston since their early 20’s, Halle and Neil decided to come back to where they married and start the same great program in Charleston. Since 2007, FLIP! has existed and has now grown into the largest Gymnastics/ Cheer program in Charleston and was just awarded the Post and Courier’s People’s Choice Award for THE BEST GYMNASTICS/CHEER SCHOOL IN CHARLESTON. Halle and Neil, along with their two children, Joleah and Ivy, have dedicated their lives to creating a family friendly, high-quality gymnastics and cheer program.  With two large gyms, over 23,000 sq feet of gym space, over 30 employees, and hundreds of children participating in Charleston FLIP! GYM is here to stay, continue to grow, and serve many more Charleston families for years to come.

Allison Haas | Head USAG Coach

Allison is a Gymdogs Team Coach, Graphic Designer, and Billing Director here at Flip! Gym. She has been coaching at Flip! Gym for over 5 years. Allison started gymnastics at the age of 8 and pursued the sport until her senior year of high school, leaving her competitive passion due to a spinal injury. Allison spent over 7 years as a competitive gymnast in Delaware and competed through high optional levels. Allison is a very firm believer in the ability of sports to teach life lessons (work ethic, dedication, teamwork, and cooperation). Allison graduated college in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Web Design. She continues to pursue her graphic/web design career as a freelancer on the side. 

Lauryn Bong | USAG Coach & AAU Coach

Lauryn graduated from Clemson University in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minor in Education. She currently works full-time as the Rec Director of Flip! Gym at the Citadel Mall location. Lauryn started gymnastics when she was two years old and competed for nearly ten years. She competed through level 8, trained level 9 and 10 skills, and was a Regional qualifier. Gymnastics has always been an important part of her life and she is very excited to be a part of our Flip! Gym family! With a passion for both gymnastics and working with children, coaching has given her the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Kaitlin O'Brien | AAU Coach

Kaitlin will graduate Trident Technical College with her Associate's Degree in nursing in May of 2019. Kaitlin utilizes her passion for helping others while coaching here at Flip! Gym. She is a recreational and team coach, and loves to coach the AAU and In-House Team athletes. From teaching our athletes new skills during summer practices to traveling to local competitions, Kaitlin is passionate about this job and is happy to be spending time in the gym when she is not in school. Kaitlin has been a part of the family of our Flip! Gym staff since 2015 and has been coaching for five years. Kaitlin is originally from the Charleston area and graduated from James Island High School. Her passion for helping people has made her the amazing coach and soon to be nurse that she is today!

Rebekah Miele | USAG Coach

Rebekah competed in USAG Excel and Compulsory gymnastics for 9 years in Massachusetts (her hometown). After retiring from being a gymnastics athlete, she began coaching. She coached in Massachusetts for 3 years, helping with all levels of Excel, recreational classes, and upper-level athletes. Then, Rebekah moved to Charleston, SC to pursue her education. Rebekah is a student at Charleston Southern University where she studies Graphic Design. Rebekah then joined the Flip! Gym coaching staff in 2017. In her free time, she likes going to the beach with friends, watching football (GO PATRIOTS!), and photography. She loves learning from her fellow coaches, because Rebekah strives to be the best coach that she can be. She simply could not imagine her life without gymnastics, and Flip! Gym is thankful to have her talent and passion as a part of our staff. 

Trisse Kozick | USAG Coach

Trisse Kozick grew up in Rock Hill, SC. She received her Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Mass Communication from Winthrop University and a Masters of Public Administration from the College of Charleston. Trisse Kozick is married to Steve and they have four daughters, including Piper on the Level 4 team. Trisse has worked full time for the last 21 years as a federal Intelligence Analyst for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and has lived and worked in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC in this capacity. Trisse has a long history with the sport of gymnastics. As a young child, she trained under Sally Thomas when Sally moved from Oklahoma to South Carolina
and opened her first gym in the state. She then trained in North Carolina as a level 9/10 gymnast under Coach Eric Singer, who was the former West German Olympic Team coach.  Trisse retired from competitive gymnastics in the early 90s. In the late 90s, Trisse was one of two head team coaches at Gymnastics Unlimited in Rock Hill, SC. She coached all competitive levels for the girl's team, as well as rec classes for boys and girls of all ages, the homeschool program, and the cheerleading tumbling classes until she moved to Charleston to pursue her Master's degree at the College of Charleston.





Ashley Matakevich  | USAG Coach

Ashley is originally from Stratford, CT and has lived in Charlotte, NC until moving to Charleston, SC in 2018. She recently completed her Master’s degree of Social Work from Rutgers University. Ashley also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Sacred Heart University. Coaching over ten years, she has taught a variety of skill levels such as preschool, recreational, tumbling classes,  special needs classes, Xcel, compulsory, and optional competitive teams. She is extremely excited to be a part of the Gymdogs family and continues to coach with the love of the sport.


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