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Our amazing coaches for Flip! Gym’s competitive gymnastics team, the GymDogs, focus on individualized progress while they create a supportive team approach to foster positive personal growth. We strive to work together and support each other on and off the mat. We make a point of nurturing open communications among gymnasts, parents and coaches. We place each gymnast at their appropriate level, with a custom-designed program called a IGP (Individualized Gymnastics Plan) to meet both individual and team goals in state and nation-wide competitions.

If you are interested in trying out to join the Flip! Gymnastics team, please contact Head Coach Halle McComb at (854) 444-2087 or flipgymgymdogs@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

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Our girls USAG competitive program includes levels 1-10 and Xcel Bronze through Diamond. These athletes are the GymDogs, divided into following groups: Tea Cup Pups, Pups, Yorkies, Terriers, Pitbulls, Retrievers, and Top Dogs.

COACHES:  Halle McComb, Susie Vahala, Zelle Sims, Allison Haas, Erika McKelvey, Alayne Corum

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IMG_6506 (1)Girls AAU Competition Program

Flip! Gym also offers an additional team track for those interested in competitive gymnastics. Meet our AAU competitive team, the Poodles! Great for athletes participating in more than one sport (or with a heavy course load) who want to stay active in gymnastics without the rigorous practice schedule that comes with the USAG track. AAU competition team is open to athletes competing Xcel Bronze through Diamond level.

COACHES: Jenn Perry, Tess Moran

Click to view our FLIP-GymDogs-Packet-2016-2017 (PDF)


Flip! Gym offers a structured Pre-Team track for athletes ages 6 and up who are recommended by their recreational class instructor based on maturity, strength, flexibility, and skill level. The Pre-Team track trains gymnasts for the competitive team program, GymDogs, by heavily emphasizing the perfection of body positions and basic skills, improving overall strength and flexibility, and teaching new skills in a safe environment.

COACHES: Caitlin Hoernke, Hannah Yaldaparast

Hot Shots

Hot Shots is our Pre-Team track for children who are in our Mini age group (ages 5 and under), who are recommended by their Mini class instructor based on maturity, strength, and flexibility. The Hot Shot track trains preschoolers for the competitive team program, GymDogs, by heavily emphasizing the perfection of body positions and basic skills, and improving overall strength and flexibility.

COACH:  Zelle Sims, Alayne Corum

Additional Team Training Options

pressWe are excited to be able to offer supplemental training options for our competitive gymnasts. Please see the Front Office regarding space availability and to register for any of the classes listed below.

Non-Competitive TOPS

This group follows the national TOPS curriculum, focusing on strength and flexibility training. Though non-competitive, this program provides an extra opportunity to build athletes so that they can improve their overall performance, technique, and stamina.

Pre-Elite (PE)

Our Pre-Elite supplemental program is recommended for athletes who have demonstrated mental readiness and physical ability to begin training for the Elite gymnastics track.

Team Tumbling

Open to all team athletes, this additional tumbling class focuses on perfecting floor passes and developing new tumbling skills during the season.

Do you plan to drop in for tryouts or evaluations for our Team program? Be sure to complete a FLIP! GYM Waiver Form (PDF) and contact Head Coach Halle McComb at (854) 444-2087 or flipgymgymdogs@gmail.com to coordinate a time.

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